From Click to Checkout:
How to Build a Successful eCommerce Store

Hear directly from Ecommerce Experts on what it takes to grow your eCommerce Store in 2020.

  • An analysis of the different eCommerce platforms
  • Optimization tips and best practices
  • SEO considerations for eCommerce
  • Industry insights and trends
  • Proven strategies from a panel of leading experts

Panel Hosts

Grow your eCommerce store in an evolving world

Your free, on-demand eCommerce webinar for online retailers of all sizes. Presented by NAV43 + Myplanet.



Director of Client Services, Myplanet

Benjamin Woll

CEO & Founding Partner, NAV43

Tyler McConville


Jason Griesenauer

Head of eCommerce Marketing, Colibri Group

VP of IT, Coravin

Francois Silvain

Anthony Zanfini

Founder & President, Ambit

Director, Digital Growth Marketing, CSA Group

Yasser Pervaiz

  • Multi-Interface Platform Strategy
  • Data-Driven Design 
  • Marketplace Strategy
  • Headless-First Systems
  • Product Optimization & Support

Myplanet is a Toronto-based software studio. We specialize in creating bespoke Digital Experience Platforms and partner with leading technology providers to help brands craft multi-interface commerce experiences. Our expertise lies within:

  • Website Audits - Align your digital presence with your Search goals 
  • Website Migrations - Updating or Re-Platforming your website? Ensure a seamless transition in Google’s eyes 
  • Digital Advertising - Search and Display Lead Generation and Ecommerce Campaigns
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Founded by one of North America’s top SEOs, NAV43 is a Technical Search Agency that specializes in building and executing complex SEO strategies. We provide the technical expertise that comes with a tried and tested methodology, with the case studies to prove it. We seamlessly integrate with development agencies and brand managers to ensure you are executing the right SEO strategy. Bottom line, we'll make Search your smartest investment. Our services include: